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Strategic Plan 2016 Click to download MACED's 2016 Strategic Five-Year Plan.



Strategy Briefs Report

Click to download report: Strategies for Appalachian Transition.



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MACED Headlines

Kristin StrattonI am very sorry to share the sad news that Kristin Mason Stratton, MACED's Senior Associate, passed away on Tuesday, March 27. She is gone much too soon. She started her career at MACED before she graduated college, working as a public relations intern. She was MACED's longest-serving employee, serving the organization and Eastern Kentucky for two decades, often piecing together past and present to assist on many varied projects in which MACED had a hand. Over that time, her laughter rang up and down the halls of MACED. She made it her purpose to know every person in the organization—including our board members—personally. She had a special gift for attending to every detail of an event, ensuring everyone's needs were met. For those who joined us on MACED's many tours of the region, Kristin was often the touchpoint who helped the visitor feel at home. To say that she will be missed hardly touches the surface—her passing has left a huge hole in the fabric of our lives that only our best memories—and time—will mend.

A report by Kentucky Center for Economic Policy explains why Kentucky faces such deep budget challenges and outlines the principles of good tax reform that can put the state on a better path. This menu of revenue options describes some of the main ways to clean up special interest tax breaks so that we can invest in thriving communities. Click here to download the Revenue Options Report.

Executive Director Peter Hille shares about his experiences working with Appalachian Regional Commission and what's at stake if Trump's budget cuts succeed. Click to read "Promises to Coal Country Aside, Trump's Budget Cuts Will End an Economic Lifeline," an interview conducted by James Trimarco for YES! Magazine.

MACED Receives $2 Million from the Appalachian Regional Commission to Support Economic Transition in Eastern Kentucky. MACED will implement a new economic development program in eastern Kentucky with the help of several partners. This investment was made possible through the Obama Administration’s Partnerships for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization (POWER) Initiative. The POWER Initiative was created to support coalfield communities facing economic transition. Learn more here.

Research by Kentucky Center for Economic Policy shows that when it comes to a secure retirement many Kentuckians are in danger. Read KCEP's post to learn more.

An op-ed by MACED President Peter Hille challenges community leaders to work together and ensure Appalachia is not left behind in the new energy economy. Read more here.

report by the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy provides an in-depth look at Medicaid in Kentucky, the benefits of Medicaid expansion and potential harmful impacts of changes that could create barriers to coverage and care. To view this report in PDF form, click here.

Click to read MACED's update on the Appalachian Carbon Partnership.

Read MACED's statement of support for the Clean Power Plan.

MACED released a strategic plan that shapes the organization's next five years of work. It defines how MACED will pursue its strategies toward a Just Appalachian Transition. Click to download the report.

In Memory of Greg Dees.

MACED works to make a meaningful difference to people and places in Kentucky, particularly eastern Kentucky, and the Central Appalachian region.